VLAD TEPES : The Return of the Unweeping - Collection

by Drakkar Productions Official

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Kriegsminister 666
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Kriegsminister 666 Nice to have this rare compilation available from Vlad Tepes, this release is quality lo-fi black metal from start to finish, with pretty good production for Les Legions Noires standards, if you care for production quality in raw black metal! Many of the classic Vlad Tepes songs like Under the Carpathian Yoke and Frozen Dead's Kingdom are featured on this release with great versions.
All Hail Vlad Tepes!! Favorite track: [The Return of the Unweeping] In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness.
Waltteri Aspegren
Waltteri Aspegren thumbnail
Waltteri Aspegren So much energy Favorite track: [The Return of the Unweeping] Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands.


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